Terms and conditions regarding the use of Zenyth.com

The site www.zenyth.com is property of SC Zenyth Pharmaceuticals SRL Romania. This document settles the terms and conditions according to which you may use this site www.zenyth.com, hereinafter called generically Zenyth.com.

The access and usage of www.zenyth.com is made under the authority of these rules, within the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned. The usage of this site, the log-in and access to different services supposes the acceptance of these terms and conditions, with all consequences that issue from their acceptance.

1. Access

The scope allowed for the usage of this site is the procurement of information and purchase of Zenyth products. Any usage for purposes other than the ones intended is not allowed.

Zenyth.com does not take the responsibility for the security of this site or your communication line with the site.

By using the term "user" of this site, we understand any physical or legal person that shall have access to this site.

2. Property rights, trademark and intellectual property

Zenyth Pharmaceuticals SRL and its partners hold the copyright for the information already existent on this site. No material on this site can be partially, fully reproduced or modified without the previous explicit consent and written agreement of Zenyth Pharmaceuticals or its partners.

The content of this site, the texts, graphic, photos, software, logos and any other materials present on this site are protected by the law regarding copyrights and they are property of Zenyth Pharmaceuticals SRL.

It is forbidden to create links with this site of other sites and conversely, without a prior written agreement. If this happens without the explicit written consent of Zenyth Pharmaceuticals, we do not take the responsibility for the non-affiliated sites with which it could be connected, nor for the materials posted on this site by persons other than those authorized by Zenyth Pharmaceuticals and we reserve the right to request for penalizations pursuant to current legislation for any activities carried out without our prior consent.

Zenyth.com or third parties may supply by means of this site, on an authorized basis, connections (links) to other World Wide Web pages or resources. Zenyth.com does not guarantee, is not and shall not be held responsible in any way for their availability, form, content, advertising, products or other materials available on the related sites. Zenyth.com shall not be held responsible or liable to pay damages, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or supposed to have been caused by or in connection with the usage or trust in the information, content, goods or services made available by the related sites. The reproduction, copy, multiplication, sale, resale or exploitation of part of services, access or usage of services or information made available by Zenyth Pharmaceuticals by means of Zenyth.com in a way that transgresses the Romanian or the international legislation regarding the copyright and intellectual property involve the civil or criminal liability for such actions.

Zenyth Pharmaceuticals reserve its right to impede by any means the usage of this site and to request penalizations pursuant to current legislation for the persons involved, if there is the proof that the scope is to destroy or modify the site, its content or security or if there is an attempt to attack or discredit Zenyth.com or its partners, products, services and employees.

Any eventual litigation regarding this site shall be settled by the Courts of Justice of Common Law in Romania.

3. Rules of usage:

The following are not allowed:

The violation of any of such rules leads to civil or criminal liability. Zenyth Pharmaceuticals shall investigate the facts that involve such transgressions, cooperating with the authorities in order to prevent or impede such transgressions.

4. Service availability

Zenyth Pharmaceuticals reserves its right to modify or to cease, on a temporary or permanent basis, partially or totally, the services made available by means of this site, with or without a prior notification.

Zenyth Pharmaceuticals is not responsible in front of the user, any third party – physical or legal person, or institution, for the modification, suspension or interruption of services made available by means of the site.

Zenyth Pharmaceuticals may change at any time the content and conditions of site usage. The new conditions become valid when they are made public through registration into the site and they do not apply retroactively.

5. Exemption from liability

By accepting to use this site, you expressly and implicitly declare that you understand and you agree with the fact that this site usage is made on your own responsibility.

Zenyth Pharmaceuticals does not provide any guarantee that:

The user is the only person responsible for eventual damages caused to the computation system or to the network from where they access the site or any other data loss, which could result from download of the information and services within the site content.

No advice or other oral or written information, obtained from Zenyth.com site or by means of the site services, shall be deemed as a guarantee, provided that they are expressly stipulated into the terms and conditions of use.

6. Restrictions regarding the liability

Zenyth.com shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, special (even if Zenyth.com was previously informed about the possibility of the advent of such losses) damages that result from the following:

If it is deemed that any material made available on the site, posted on Zenyth.com, by third parties or users, transgress the copyright or any other rights, it is necessary to notify such thing at the address contact@zenyth.com.

For the sections of the site that may contain opinions of the readers, the liability over the content of such opinions fully belong to their authors. Zenyth Pharmaceuticals reserves its right not to disclose such opinions that contradict the terms and conditions of use or those they consider as being harmful, under any of their aspects, to its own image, partners or third parties.

This site is provided as such and without any other guarantees.

7. Confidentiality and personal data

The personal data made available on Zenyth.com in order to receive or to use certain services, goods or products are protected under conditions of Law 677/2001.

By filling in the blank spaces from online forms, the users agree that their personal data that is recorded will enter into Zenyth.com database and to receive messages regarding products and services, promotions, competitions or any other editorial and marketing actions that will be organized into the future by Zenyth.com and by its agreed partners.

Upon explicit request of the user addressed to contact@colonhelp.ro, Zenyth.com is bound to rectify, update, block, delete or transform in anonymous data and to cease the user’s personal data processing, on a free basis, pursuant to provisions of Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of persons connected to personal data processing and the free circulation of such data.

Zenyth.com is bound not to make public the users’ email address and not to reveal it to third parties, if this is not known by the expressly agreed partners, except for the case in which such a thing is needed for the compliance with the law and/or legal procedures.

Zenyth.com is not liable for the attacks of which the purpose is the theft or vandalism and that could lead to data disclosure and compromise.

Zenyth Pharmaceuticals does not take any kind of responsibility for the cases in which the user publishes its address or his/her personal data, from his/ her own initiative, in a public message, on any of Zenyth.com pages.

The policy of www.zenyth.com site is not to accept or take into account unrequested materials. If the site users send such kind of materials, Zenyth.com reserves its right to consider such materials as non-confidential and lacking protection of personal or property rights. Such materials and rights become the property of Zenyth.com, free of any demands issued by a person or group of persons, being used to any other purpose by Zenyth.com, without the obligation to grant compensation for their usage. The identity of the users shall not be revealed if, by means of the information posted, they could be endangered. When you access the site, Zenyth Pharmaceuticals may store an informational volume in your computer. Such information is a form of “cookie” or a data file similar to it and this could help us in many ways. This “cookie” helps ajuta Zenyth Pharmaceuticals to build and the refine the site content according to the users’ interests and preferences.

Into the structure of each Internet browser there is the possibility to delete the “cookies” from the hard-drive, to block the receipt of “cookies” or to receive a message when a “cookie” is stored into your computer. We recommend you to study the instructions of use of the Internet browser that you use or the command “help screen” for a better understanding and usage of such functions.

If the browser is set not to allow them, certain pages may not function, on a partial or total basis.

On www.zenyth.com you may come across advertisings and/or links to pages of third parties, including partners, advertising suppliers or sponsors. The information supplied to external pages is not under control of Zenyth.com and any publication of personal data on other Internet pages is made on your own responsibility.

Zenyth.com reserves its right to modify, check, complete such rules at any time. Any modification shall be made public on such page and it shall practically be valid as of its posting on the site.

SC Zenyth Pharmaceuticals SRL, owner of Zenyth.com, is registered by the National Authority for Personal Data Monitoring under no. 17057.

SC Zenyth Pharmaceuticals SRL is bound to keep the confidentiality of personal data supplied by you by means of Zenyth.com site, by your orders of products, by the filling in of the order form, as it is stipulated into the provisions of Law 677/2001 with subsequent modifications related to protection of personal data.

Pursuant to provisions of Law no. 677/2001, the persons registered as certified individuals, have the following rights: - the right to be informed (art. 12)
- the right to access personal data (art. 13);
- the right to intervene over personal data (art.14);
- the right of opposition (art. 15);
- the right to be submitted to an individual decision (art. 17);
- the right to address to Justice Institutions (art. 18).

If you do not wish your data to be collected, we would kindly ask you not to supply it to us.