In any free economy there are people for whom health is the most important asset, and who do not compromise when it comes to products for health. Zenyth Pharmaceuticals addresses this market segment.

The initiative to establish and develop this company is rooted in the hope that some of us are not willing to compromise quality, and that you will appreciate our vision, where the individual is not a mere buyer, but a human being with dreams and aspirations, and the will to live better and healthier.


We, the Zenyth team, have the mission to significantly IMPROVE human life by offering people the most effective 100% NATURAL formulas of nutritional supplements on the market and the best EDUCATION regarding a healthy lifestyle.
Zenyth Pharmaceuticals' mission: to bring a little more HEALTH and EDUCATION in each Romanian family. It is in this sense that we focus our efforts and we do not diverge from this direction at any time.
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Zenyth is the nutritional supplement company that clearly marks out from the other companies on this market, and establishes new standards, giving special and permanent attention to a better EDUCATION of the population regarding a healthy lifestyle and surpassing the barriers of a company which sells exclusively health products.
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Zenyth Pharmaceuticals is one of the manufacturers committed to promote highly ethical businesses, offering the best and most effective solutions. In today's global economy, which is driven more and more by consumption, the markets are invaded by products containing cheap ingredients and of unspecified origin, it is ever more difficult for any manufacturer to stand out without compromising with respect to the used ingredients.
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