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Did you know that unhealthy eating may be the cause of hyperactivity and attention deficit, allergies and low immunity? Did you know that more and more children have problems of intestinal transit, even increased cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and obesity? All this because of an unhealthy diet!

Zenyth Pharmaceuticals, producer of ColonHelp, launched ColonHelp Junior, 100% natural vitamin-provider and detoxifier, on the basis of SuperFruit and SuperFibres. ColonHelp Junior was designed for parents who used ColonHelp and who were searching for a healthy product, just as efficient, for their children. The product was created especially for the kids who need the best in order to grow up health and for the parents who know how to appreciate the natural taste of food.

ColonHelp Junior is a 100% natural nutritional supplement, made out of psyllium fibers, sesame and dehydrated fruit. ColonHelp Junior is meant for children, but also for adults, convalescent persons, people sensitive to the taste of aromatic plants, for pregnant or nursing women. ColonHelp Junior ensures a very high amount of vitamins, being an excellent body tonic.

Due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, ColonHelp Junior has a particular immune-stimulating and anti-infectious activity, and the essential fat acids contained help the development and protection of the nervous system. It is an useful adjuvant in conditions of fatigue, in concentration problems or for physical and intellectual over-stress.

Bromelain and papayn, the enzymes found in pineapple and papaya, help to improve digestion. The high content of fibers recommends ColonHelp Junior for the treatment of constipation, but also of diarrhea.
In adults, the product is recommended in ameliorating distention, incomplete digestion, gastric reflux, irritable colon and in reducing cholesterol.
ColonHelp Junior also helps diets, due to the fibers it contains and which reduce the hunger feeling, and to vitamins which prevent the states of exhaustion, frequent during dieting.
Administered in combination with yogurt, ColonHelp Junior helps reestablish the balance of the intestinal flora and increases the body immunity.

Which are the benefits of the ColonHelp Junior cure?

  • Detoxification of the organism
  • Improved intestinal transit
  • Reduction of distention and gastric reflux
  • Increased immunity
  • Prevention of lack of vitamins and minerals
  • Weight drop
  • Regaining of energy and appetite for living
  • Removal of chronic fatigue
  • Improved learning and memorizing capacity
  • Reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Better sleep and absence of chronic fatigue
  • Reduction of nervous disorders


Psyllium – Plantago ovata, sesame seeds – Sesamum indicum, dry fruit: papaya – Citrus reticulata, Goji berry – Lycium barbarum, cowberry – Vaccinium vitis-idaea, pineapple – Ananas comosus variegatus, dry plums – Prunus domestica, grinded coconut – Cocos nucifera, blueberry – Vaccinium myrtillus, sea buckthorn – Hippophae rhamnoides.

Nutritional information:

Nutritional content Per dose (8g) Per 100 g of product

Energy value

Total sugars

- out of which fibers



32.93 Kcal | 138.86 KJ

5.76 g

2.40 g

0.90 g

0.45 g

411,74 Kcal | 1.735,81 Kj

72.06 g

30.06 g

11.20 g

5.67 g

Administering manner

The product is administered in detoxification and vitamin-provision cures of 1-3 months, once or twice a year. Start the cure with half of the usual dose then gradually increase consumption until the optimum tolerated dose. The product is administered mixed with 200 ml of yogurt, sour milk or water. Two daily pinches are taken, the first in the morning, and the second during the day. Do not consume the product as such, without liquids, because you may choke!

Usual doses

Children 4-6 years old: 1 teaspoon/day (8 g); maximum dose: 1 teaspoon/day (8 g).
Children 7-8 years old: 1-2 teaspoons/day (8-16 g); maximum dose: 2 teaspoons/day (16 g).
Children 9-14 years old: 2 teaspoons/day (16 g); maximum dose: 3 teaspoons/day (24 g).
Adults and youngster over 14 years old: 3-4 teaspoons/day (24-32 g); maximum dose: 6 teaspoons/day (48 g).

ColonHelp Junior is recommended as fiber supplement in the daily diet. Processed food is very poor in fibers and often has a negative effect on health. In order to complete the necessary fibers, ColonHelp Junior can be taken daily, in small dose: 4-8 g/day.
ColonHelp Junior may be administered as a supplement of vitamins and minerals. Those who do not eat enough raw fruit and vegetable cannot ensure their necessary vitamins. Thus, fatigue, skin and hair problems, decrease of the visual acuity occur, to name only a few of the symptoms of vitamin deficiency.

A complete cure with ColonHelp Junior takes 3 months and can be performed once or twice a year.


During the cure, the water/liquids consumption must be of 1-1.2 liters daily for children and 2 liters for adults. The product can also be taken in the evening, but only if you have time to drink enough water.


for children younger than 4 years old, persons with serious affections, who suffered recent surgery, persons with diabetes, the physician’s advice will be sought before using the product. Allergic persons will use with precaution; the product contains sesame seeds and coconut.

Storage conditions

avoiding light and moisture, at a temperature of maximum 20° C or in the refrigerator.

Validity term:

12 months from the manufacturing date, in the storage conditions indicated above.

Nutritional supplements must not replace a varied diet. Do not leave this product at the disposal of small children! Do not exceed the maximum recommended dose!

ColonHelp Junior is an original product of Zenyth Pharmaceuticals s.r.l., headquartered in Bistriţa Village, street Petru Rares no. 50 A, Alexandru cel Bun Commune, Neamţ County, Romania, phone: +

A vial of ColonHelp Junior contains 240 g plant powder, the equivalent of 30 servings, of 8 g each.

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